WOOW!! Spain reached the European Championship final for the first time in 24 years on Thursday

I was sitting in the living room, not in a good mood and was also feeling tired as I told you ealier I didnt get any sleep..I was eating my meal and 
 tried to focus on the match between and spain and russia and it was nice match I was happy for spain but was wondering what happend to the Russia team??
They played good against Holland...and then what happend last night ??
Anyhow Im happy the team I support won ...and soon its time for the final between spain and germany

WOOOW!!! Spain 3-0 win over Russia to set up a meeting with Germany. Xavi scored at a rainswept Ernst Happel Stadium to give Spain a deserved 1-0 lead after 50 minutes and substitute Daniel Guiza made no mistake when he beat the offside trap to make it 2-0 after 73 minutes...I hope ins7aallah they wil the Final

* Yalla Spain


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