The most wonderous beauty lies in The creation of Allah

Look at man and the marvelous way in which he is created, with his diffrence races , languges, and ccents. Allah, the Most High, has him in the most beautiful form, as he says:
..And has given you shape and made your shapes good ( looking ) Q 40: 64

O' man ! What has deceived you your about your Lord the Most Generous? Who created you proportioned you, and balanced you ? Q 82 : 6-7

verily, We created man in the best stature ( mould ) Q 95: 4

Look at the beauty of the sky and the stars, the splendour of the sun and the moon, vastness of space.Look at the earth and how it is spread out, and its water and pasture and brought forth from it; look at the mountains and how they are fixed firmly.

Think about these seas and rivers , this night and day , this light and shade, these clouds. Think about how harmony exist throughout the universe. Look at these flowers, these ripe fruits, this delicious milk, this weet honey , these palm trees, these bees, these ants, these inscets, these fishm these brids, these nightingale,these reptiles,these animals,this never-ending beauty and delight of the eye.

So exalted is Allah when you reach the evening and when you reach the morning .And to Him is ( due all ) praise througout the heavens and the earth.And ( exalted is He ) at night and when you are at noon.he brings the living out of the dead and brings the dead out of the living and brings to life the earth after its lifelessness.And thus will you be brought out. Q 30: 17-19

"Do not look at the negative aspects of life; be content with the beauty and you of it

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