I cant believe that Im doing it...I guess I needed some change ..

It never occured to me...that one day I will be sitting here and write this kind of stuff ...something that I have been tried to avoid or maybe because I didnt know how to do it that I thought that I didnt like it.But All the time I  have heard and read about it but stil I wasnt intrest til yesterday  for some reasons when I called my sisther and I asked about it..she start to laugh and teasing me ..and told me later that I will bet stuck in this things..
Hmmm I guess she was right..and the strange thing is that its my first day...I have been thinking what will I get benefits from this ?

But the thing is that I really didnt know how to start with it ..It wasnt easy as I thought either but I knew  that I wanted to write about my life at least a part of it and then we will never know how far it might go with it but we take one step...So here im in the kitchen ..To be honest I was going to sleep and I really tried but couldnt so I went down and find myself sitting infront of the lap top and start download some pictures...I got some comments about it...WOW! That was quick but I found it was hard to reply those comments not because I didnt want to...Because I didnt know how to do it..

yes I like to write  but i found it was hard to put evrything in a word and then my question was; Would people understand what im talking about...specialy because im mixing with english and swedish..What ever I will just go ahead with it ...But would I have the inner courage to write and read about myself and let others to read it that could be scary!!....If yiu never try you will never know so I give it a chance and then I will see..

This its something I have never done and im doing it and my opion it doesnt fit a person like me because im kind of person who likes to keeps evrything privat and secret so how will I manage this things...Hmmmm!?? Only time will show how far I will go with it...But sure I will be your personal guide to my world -will reveal to you stuff that normaly I dont talk about ....Yes "We all liv in this world but do not experience it,seeing only what we can tolerate and ignoring the rest."(1)..its stuff for some change ...Right!?

Hmmm im thinking...I have my favorite book infront me and try to look at it and try to find something that will inspire me but I couldnt so I turn fmy ace then to my cellphone that is next to the laptop...Yes! Im waiting for a call.But no one calls me ..I know I can call evryone in my phone but I dont want to not today!!..No I just want somone to call me..Im in a mood to have some chatt..Just talk and not think much..Because now I need to relax but I find its so hard ..its feels like my head boiling like water ...But I guess its also because I didnt get some sleep today...I was trying to write but a leave for a moment ..yalla bye

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