The Madagascar Movie....

I was sitting on the bus and everywhere I saw advertising about  animation film about animals who are going to island Madagascar.So I got call from my mother and telling me that I must go and see that movi and what I told her that I didnt have money for that.She really wanted me to go and see ...and I was like mmm I will she sending me money for that.Then I had my best friend who all the time talking about it and also wanted to see it...Only thing I told him was ins7allah we will go and see it...But somehow I didtnt feel that I wanted to go.But in the end I said ok but the ironic thing I never went to the cinema to watch it.But it came up on Dvd later on,so I went and rent it  and then to my best friends house and we start to watch it.There I was laughing under the whole movie but I must say the film was more fun in Swedish then english.I tried to watched in english to but it didnt enjoyed me at all.So what is the film about ?? Hmmm..About  four Central Park Zoo animals who have spent their lives in blissful captivity and are unexpectedly shipped back to Africa, getting shipwrecked on the island of Madagascar...And when are there things are diffrent then they thought ...See it!

Salam aleykum wa Rahmatuallah Barakatoh My crazy sweet friend you know who you are,
Jag satt vid köket och kollade några saker vid datorn...You know what!?
Hehehehheeh I found this littlet thing...its remind me when we saw it ...I know we couldnt stop laughing coz of this littlet thing specially me heheheh..Just move it!! Yalla ma3salam C u later //  Big love


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