I Know That This How You Feel When Im Not Around..

I love you the way you are
I love you however you are
and whatever becomes or whatever happens
you are my love you are, my wife
chorus repeats.........
My Halal one you are, I do not fear
The time has allowed for us to be together forever
You poured love into my heart by your good actions and character
and the life becomes pure when you come
My day is a hardship until I return to the house and I find you.
All darkness goes away from me if you smiled
chorus repeats .....
Life becomes harder and harder on me in the day you were upset
So I go striving until I fullfil what you wished for
Narrow is my life when I see you sad!
So I strive to seek what u wish.
I am happy when I see you happy
and I will give you my greatest love and warmth forever.
Our religion together, identical like the land and the plants.
You are my hope and my soul, You are my happiness and Inspiration!
My life becomes perfect when I see you happy....!
I love u the way you are!
I love u however you are!
And whatever becomes and what ever happens...
You are my love!
You are my wife!

                                                                                                             Ahmed Bukhatir - Zawjati


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