New Day..miss ya

Salam aleykum wa rahmatuallah wa barakatoh,

I hope evryone is fine ins7aallah?
Im stil in the kitchen im stuck in the lap top I have been trying to find some adress for hours with no result but I will not give up on that ins7allah.Long time I havent been around, I have been so busy with work so its feels like i only have time sleep, praying and work..Some how I couldnt sleep because I have been thinking of many things that I couldnt lay down on my bed for so long that I went down and try to find what I wanted but I couldnt Al7amdeallah..

The good thing that is I think I find some part of the adress I wanted, so we will see if they will reply my email that I send to Abu dhabi.Im sure that I will go around think about it till i get any respond but right there is nothing I can do at moment only to wait and be patience because I already done my part of it so we will see.

hmm Just some minuts ago I found a blogg by khaleej wallah it was nice how she made..that I felt that i must have it on my blogg so if you looking around you find it and how flashy she have mad it..I think i have to go and try to get some sleep..wallah I miss my babe khayr ins7allah may Allah reward for my patience ( sabr ) amiin and you out there I wil come back with more because I stil have many things to tell be bear with  me ..for a while I will not hajve so much time to sit down and write what I want but soon I will khave more time with it ins7allah ...yalla ma3salam


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